From small hedge trimming to the removal of large specimen trees we would be happy to give you a quote.

Crown reductions

Where the crown is reduced in size and a natural flowing shape is achieved.

Crown thinning

Where the crown is thinned by a percentage, making the tree less dense and reducing its 'sail effect' for safety reasons and allowing for more light to enter.

Tree dismantling

Where we dismantle the tree using hand held techniques and lowering operations - usually in confined spaces.

Tree fells

Where a tree is felled at ground level and cleared away.


Where a much smaller tree is needed - normally done on fast growing trees such as willows.


The removal of old pollard growth to promote new growth.


Trimming, reducing and removal.


Reducing, trimming and removal.

Stump grinding

We have machinery capable of grinding up to 18 inches below ground level - removing the biggest stumps.


We can prepare tree surveys for health and safety purposes.